89% of Businesses go with IaaS

89% of Businesses go with IaaS
Interesting new Survey from Silicon Angle (Maria Deutscher)
A new poll of 1,060 companies from cloud management provider RightScale Inc. has found that 89 percent run applications outside the firewall, more than half of which are hosted on the retail giant’s very own infrastructure-as-a-service platform.
RightScale says that 71 percent of the organizations surveyed in its poll have some sort of hybrid cloud implementation in place

Cloud Computing Trends Survey 2014

Where do you stand on RightScales Survey model?

  • Cloud Watchers are developing cloud strategies and plans.
  • Cloud Beginners are working on proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects.
  • Cloud Explorers have multiple projects and applications deployed in the cloud.
  • Cloud Focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud Survey – http://bit.ly/UKAEI8

RightScale Survey by Segment