Need a Simple Form in Excel? SOL!

Need a Simple Form in Excel? SOL!

If you’re an Excel 2016 for Mac user, and you want to create a simple form, you’re out of luck.  Microsoft’s official response:  there is none.

If fact, if you read through the myriad of Microsoft Office articles on the subject, you’ll find no differentiation about Mac’s inability to use the customize the Quick Access Toolbar feature.  I guess the workaround is is to buy a Windows computer.

Unfortunately this is yet another example of how Office for Mac 2016 is still the red-headed stepchild to the Windows version.

“Relevant” Microsoft Articles:

The answer:

Brad Anderson Outlines New Azure Features at Ignite Conference

Brad Anderson – CVP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division – laid out the key attributes upcoming in Microsoft Azure:

Azure in your datacenter

Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 – partners and availability

New Networking services and capabilities in Azure

  • New Network Virtual Appliances

  • User Defined Routing

  • Azure ExpressRoute Premium Add-on Package

  • Azure DNS

  • Azure ExpressRoute and Site-to-Site VPN co-exist

  • New Standard VPN Gateway

  • Multiple Virtual IPs per Cloud Service

Azure Active Directory enhancements

Disk Encryption for Linux and Windows Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Full Details on the Microsoft Azure Blog

Microsoft and Amazon’s approach to cloud computing and the road to $128 billion

Microsoft and Amazon’s approach to cloud computing and the road to $128 billion

Microsoft’s cloud growth is led by Office 365, their productivity suite that’s been around for 20+ years.  For most Microsoft’s customers, that means exporting all their existing emails / contacts / calendars that reside on their internal Exchange server to Microsoft’s cloud. All the productivity applications (i.e., outlook, excel, powerpoint, access) still run on their local PC / notebook. 

A considerable amount of Amazon’s cloud revenue is derived from moving servers run in traditional corporate datacenter to Amazon’s datacenter.  A very different model.  Both Amazon and Microsoft are working on delivering both services.

Charley Blaine provides additional insights about how both companies reported financials are leading him to predict a $128 billion cloud industry

“the market for cloud services will hit $128 billion a year “in the next few years.” I’d guess sooner rather than later.”

Forbes – Amazon And Microsoft Will Tell Us A Lot About The Cloud’s Size

What is Azure Machine Learning and why is it important: 4 Examples

What is Azure Machine Learning and why is it important: 4 Examples

Azure Machine learning — getting a system to teach itself from lots of data rather than simply following preset rules — actually powers the Microsoft software you use everyday.


  1. Machine learning enables Clutter in Office 365 to determine with uncanny accuracy which email
  2. Makes it easier to touch the right menu on a Windows tablet with your finger
  3. Helps OneNote figure out your handwriting.
  4. If you’re selling handbags, dresses, shoes, or other fashion items on eBay, you might see much better sales overseas because automatic translations of listings are more accurate — and available in all 45 languages Azure ML supports.


Full Story: Yesterday’s announcement of Azure Machine Learning offers the latest sign of Microsoft’s deep machine learning expertise — now available to developers everywhere.

Microsoft Azure ML Site: 

How to Get $500,000 of Free Azure

How to Get $500,000 of Free Azure

Microsoft will provide Y Combinator’s current class access to Microsoft Azure and a broad suite of Microsoft technology, as well as support.  This will include $500,000 in Microsoft Azure credit, three years of Office 365,  as well as direct access to Microsoft’s engineering teams – for Y Combinator’s Winter 2015 batch of startups.

Full Story: Microsoft announces partnership with Y Combinator, leading startup accelerator