Red Hat and Microsoft partner to reduce development hassles

Red Hat and Microsoft partner to reduce development hassles

“We’re the first Linux provider to have a fully supported version of .NET”

.NET  is just one of the ways in which Red Hat and Microsoft are coming together for mutually beneficial developments.

Another point of cooperation was the creation of a flexible language server protocol so that languages being used for app development can be plugged into Red Hat and Microsoft’s tools interchangeably. The aim here was not to make the tools themselves interchangeable: “It’s not about making it be consistent; it’s about having that choice. … The idea here is that you get to choose your tool that works the way you want.”

Full Story from siliconAngle

Linux Foundation and Microsoft offer new Azure certification program

Microsoft signed a deal with The Linux Foundation today to create the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure certification.

More than 25% of Microsoft’s Azure customers are running Linux. And the company recently signed deal with ‘arch rival’ Red Hat to bring RHEL to Azure, signaling a major shift in the industry. For Microsoft, this certification is another step towards embracing Linux on Azure.

The two organizations come together to bring the open source community closer to the Azure cloud.

Source: Linux Foundation and Microsoft offer new Azure certification program | ITworld

The new lock-in – the cloud, in short, is sticky

The new lock-in – the cloud, in short, is sticky
Great summary from Matt Asay of Infoworld about cloud strategy from an ISV's perspective.

“When Microsoft said it wouldn’t rule out putting Windows in the open source domain, people scoffed — but it could be a shrewd business move for the cloud era”…

“It turns out switching costs in the cloud are equal to or greater than what they were in the on-premise era.”…

“Once I build my app on AWS or, more poignantly, dump my corporate data into Salesforce, the likelihood that I’m going to be able to easily switch is less than zero.” …

What if Microsoft really did open-source Windows? by Matt Asay

The “Big Three” are all in on big data / predictive modeling

The “Big Three” are all in on big data / predictive modeling

Here’s a quick summary on the technology behind next big thing – machine learning

All three major public cloud providers have connected their core storage services, and one or more of their database products, to the machine learning offerings:

  • Amazon Machine Learning connects to S3, Redshift and the MySQL flavor of its Relational Database Service (RDS).
  • Google Prediction API can read data from Google Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.
  • Microsoft supports both its Table and Blob storage services as data sources, as well as SQL Database, Hive tables in Hadoop and both OData feeds and flat files pointed to by a valid Internet URL.

Full Story: Machine learning is the next frontier in Big Data innovation. And the cloud is the next frontier within that frontier. By for Big on Data

2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

Fantastic 124 slide presentation on the Future of the Cloud.  Excellent analysis, proof points, slide graphics etc.  Definately worth a look if your job depends or is related to Cloud Computing.   Click Here to view deck on

The 2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey was conducted in partnership with 72 Collaborators. The survey is the most widely endorsed survey of its kind in the industry. To tweet individual slides, please note the banner on the upper right hand corner of each page. Visit the Blog on and follow us @futureofcloud #futureofcloud to join the conversation.

Microsoft Doesn’t Support Exchange on Azure

There’s a difference between technically sound and supported.  The following story from a Texas Healthcare provider illustrates the difference.  The comments in response to the story are actually more interesting than the story.

“Their (Microsoft’s) words were ‘while it is legally and technically feasible, Microsoft has chosen not to provide support for such a configuration (Exchange on Azure) at this time and has documented this.’ We backed out of an agreement on Azure, costing us $30,000 in losses, delays, and increased risks.”

Azure cloud support shock for Texas healthcare provider

Microsoft Azure


E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Azure (Epub, Mobi, PDF)

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing Trends Survey 2014

Where do you stand on RightScales Survey model?

  • Cloud Watchers are developing cloud strategies and plans.
  • Cloud Beginners are working on proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects.
  • Cloud Explorers have multiple projects and applications deployed in the cloud.
  • Cloud Focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud Survey –

RightScale Survey by Segment

The Future of Cloud is (Not) Hybrid

The Future of Cloud is Hybrid by MIKE SCHUTZ, General Manager, Cloud Platform Marketing is Hybrid.  Given Microsoft’s advantage over Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, this is not a surprising statement.

However, In my opinion, the future of cloud is clearly not Hybrid and not IaaS.  The future of Cloud is SaaS and PaaS.  However, it’s going take another 5 years before Corporate America comes to this realization.