Excel 2016 for Mac, still lacking features in Windows version

Excel 2016 for Mac, still lacking features in Windows version
Need to edit your defined names in Excel 2016 for Mac?  No need to search the Office help site, you won’t find Mac instructions.  The short answer is that there isn’t a name manager button on the formula ribbon.  The work around is to hold CMD+FN+F3
Windows Keyboard for Mac
Windows Keyboard

Problems Locating Name Manager in Excel 2016

Dear community members, Does anybody know where the name manager is located in Excel 2016? I don’t see any option in the Formulas Ribbon:

Reply to Jim Gordon Mac MVP’s post on August 2, 2015

Thank for letting me know.  Hopefully, the name management functionality will be incorporated in the near future.

Need a Simple Form in Excel? SOL!

Need a Simple Form in Excel? SOL!

If you’re an Excel 2016 for Mac user, and you want to create a simple form, you’re out of luck.  Microsoft’s official response:  there is none.

If fact, if you read through the myriad of Microsoft Office articles on the subject, you’ll find no differentiation about Mac’s inability to use the customize the Quick Access Toolbar feature.  I guess the workaround is is to buy a Windows computer.

Unfortunately this is yet another example of how Office for Mac 2016 is still the red-headed stepchild to the Windows version.

“Relevant” Microsoft Articles:

The answer:

Azure Storage Explorer for Mac

Azure Storage Explorer for Mac

The Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) for Windows and Mac is available today from storageexplorer.com

New features include:

  • Mac OS X and Windows versions
  • Sign in to view your Storage Accounts – use your Org Account, Microsoft Account, 2FA, etc
  • Add Storage Accounts by account name and key
  • Create, search and delete blobs, queues, or tables
  • Explore the contents of blob containers
  • View and navigate through directories
  • Drag ‘n drop files to upload or download