Azure Top Choice for IaaS

Azure Top Choice for IaaS

According to a new survey by Spiceworks Inc., Microsoft Azure is their top choice for cloud providers.

Key Findings

Most organizations are using at least one cloud-based IT service.

Specifically web and email hosting services, but the list is long…

IT pros expect an even larger shift to the cloud on the horizon.

Almost a third of survey respondents expect to see more than half of their organizations’ IT services become cloud-based in the next two to three years.

IT buyers are still cautious about adopting emerging cloud services.

IT pros are still waiting for a cloud provider to take flight and lead the charge in categories like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). But when looking at more conventional services like cloud storage and productivity suites, there are several providers that stand out in each category.

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89% of Businesses go with IaaS

89% of Businesses go with IaaS
Interesting new Survey from Silicon Angle (Maria Deutscher)
A new poll of 1,060 companies from cloud management provider RightScale Inc. has found that 89 percent run applications outside the firewall, more than half of which are hosted on the retail giant’s very own infrastructure-as-a-service platform.
RightScale says that 71 percent of the organizations surveyed in its poll have some sort of hybrid cloud implementation in place

What You Might Be Missing About Cloud ROI

What You Might Be Missing About Cloud ROI

This year, companies worldwide are predicted to spend almost $16.5 billion on cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) — a 32.8 percent increase over 2014.

And, with 93 percent of companies already running applications or at least trying out IaaS, everyone is trying to find out whether or not all of this investment in the cloud is paying off.

Turns out, it’s quite a challenge..”

Full story on CMSwire

Premium Storage Release Leads List of New Azure Enhancements

Premium Storage Release Leads List of New Azure Enhancements

December 2014 enhancements to Microsoft Azure:

  • Premium Storage: New Premium high-performance Storage for Azure Virtual Machine workloads
  • RemoteApp: General Availability of Azure RemoteApp service
  • SQL Database: Enhancements to Azure SQL Databases
  • Media Services: General Availability of Live Channels for Media Streaming
  • Azure Search: Enhanced management experience, multi-language support and more
  • DocumentDB: Support for Bulk Add Documents and Query Syntax Highlighting
  • Site Recovery: General Availability of disaster recovery to Azure for branch offices and SMB customers
  • Azure Active Directory: General Availability of Azure Active Directory application proxy and password write back support

via ScottGu’s Blog – Azure: Premium Storage, RemoteApp, SQL Database Update, Live Media Streaming, Search and More.

Great (free) Online Azure Training for IT Pros

Great (free) Online Azure Training for IT Pros

10+ hours of videos to help build your foundational skills on Azure.  Updated Dec 2014

2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey

Fantastic 124 slide presentation on the Future of the Cloud.  Excellent analysis, proof points, slide graphics etc.  Definately worth a look if your job depends or is related to Cloud Computing.   Click Here to view deck on

The 2014 Future of Cloud Computing Survey was conducted in partnership with 72 Collaborators. The survey is the most widely endorsed survey of its kind in the industry. To tweet individual slides, please note the banner on the upper right hand corner of each page. Visit the Blog on and follow us @futureofcloud #futureofcloud to join the conversation.

Microsoft Azure Q3 Revenue up 136 Percent

Microsoft (MSFT) officially earned the No. 2 spot behind Amazon Web Services (AWS) in theinfrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) market earlier this year, and according to the latest quarterly IaaS report from Synergy Research Group, the Redmond company is now showing the strongest year-to-year revenue growth in the biz.

For Q3, Synergy also named IBM as the third largest cloud operator. Big Blue currently claims a 7 percent market share.

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The Future of Cloud is (Not) Hybrid

The Future of Cloud is Hybrid by MIKE SCHUTZ, General Manager, Cloud Platform Marketing is Hybrid.  Given Microsoft’s advantage over Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, this is not a surprising statement.

However, In my opinion, the future of cloud is clearly not Hybrid and not IaaS.  The future of Cloud is SaaS and PaaS.  However, it’s going take another 5 years before Corporate America comes to this realization.