Red Hat, Microsoft and Codenvy Push DevOps with New Language Protocol

While it’s no longer news that Microsoft wants to cooperate with the open source community, it’s remarkable that Redmond is now going so far as to help found an open source project whose goal is to erase platform lock-in for programming. In the past, platform lock-in constituted  the crux of Microsoft’s business strategy, but those days are long past.

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Docker: 70,000% increase in job postings

Docker: 70,000% increase in job postings

Amazing stats posted by 


More than a 70,000% increase in job postings around the world. It’s safe to say that companies all over are investing heavily in Docker to transform their application lifecycles. That means it’s a great opportunity for developers and ops pros who already have hands on experience building, shipping and running Dockerized distributed applications. Docker is also an essential tool for any DevOps team and their CI/CD pipeline and will be an incredible asset as you look for jobs in the fast moving DevOps job market as well.

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DevOps adoption rises and hybrid cloud strategy deepens in new study

DevOps adoption rises and hybrid cloud strategy deepens in new study

The RightScale 2015 State of the Cloud report has found DevOps adoption increase year on year in enterprises, as well as a continued push towards a hybrid cloud strategy.

Other interesting stats from the study included:

  • 62% of enterprise respondents say central IT makes more than half of cloud purchasing decisions
  • Greater scalability (57%) remains the key benefit of the cloud, alongside faster access to infrastructure (57%) and higher availability (51%)
  • 93% of the 930 respondents are using cloud in some capacity, with 58% opting for both public and private, 30% public only, and 5% private only

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My Notes on Chef (devops) and Microsoft Azure


Chef Seattle Meetup

Chef on Microsoft Azure

Similar to Chef:

Cloud Computing Trends Survey 2014

Where do you stand on RightScales Survey model?

  • Cloud Watchers are developing cloud strategies and plans.
  • Cloud Beginners are working on proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects.
  • Cloud Explorers have multiple projects and applications deployed in the cloud.
  • Cloud Focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure.

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