Explaining Containers To Your CEO

The Why: What’s the Fuss and Why Should You Bother Thinking About Containers?
If I were a CEO, the first question I’d ask anytime someone presented a new technology to me, would be a simple one: Why? As in Why this software or tool? What’s its purpose? How is it going to improve the business?
Answer: The most significant impact of containers is that they are going to simplify development and deployment overall. This means new software and new versions are available faster, and that there are fewer problems in making that software available.

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Cloud market leader Amazon AWS, leads to Microsoft / Cisco partnership

Cloud market leader Amazon AWS, leads to Microsoft / Cisco partnership

All the partnerships and maneuvering has been interesting since AWS marketshare significantly increased over the past 7 years.  With this latest announcement, Microsoft and Cisco are partnering on development technologies that allow developers to use a common API to develop new applications that work on premise or on Azure. With the partnership, Cisco will be merging their API (called APIC) with Microsoft API (called WAP).  When complete, You can choose to run your application on premise in your on datacenter on either Microsoft’s or Cisco’s cloud platform.

With today’s announcement, Microsoft and Cisco announced a new technology platform, called “Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.”

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