Brad Anderson Outlines New Azure Features at Ignite Conference

Brad Anderson – CVP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division – laid out the key attributes upcoming in Microsoft Azure:

Azure in your datacenter

Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 – partners and availability

New Networking services and capabilities in Azure

  • New Network Virtual Appliances

  • User Defined Routing

  • Azure ExpressRoute Premium Add-on Package

  • Azure DNS

  • Azure ExpressRoute and Site-to-Site VPN co-exist

  • New Standard VPN Gateway

  • Multiple Virtual IPs per Cloud Service

Azure Active Directory enhancements

Disk Encryption for Linux and Windows Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Full Details on the Microsoft Azure Blog

Premium Storage Release Leads List of New Azure Enhancements

Premium Storage Release Leads List of New Azure Enhancements

December 2014 enhancements to Microsoft Azure:

  • Premium Storage: New Premium high-performance Storage for Azure Virtual Machine workloads
  • RemoteApp: General Availability of Azure RemoteApp service
  • SQL Database: Enhancements to Azure SQL Databases
  • Media Services: General Availability of Live Channels for Media Streaming
  • Azure Search: Enhanced management experience, multi-language support and more
  • DocumentDB: Support for Bulk Add Documents and Query Syntax Highlighting
  • Site Recovery: General Availability of disaster recovery to Azure for branch offices and SMB customers
  • Azure Active Directory: General Availability of Azure Active Directory application proxy and password write back support

via ScottGu’s Blog – Azure: Premium Storage, RemoteApp, SQL Database Update, Live Media Streaming, Search and More.

Great (free) Online Azure Training for IT Pros

Great (free) Online Azure Training for IT Pros

10+ hours of videos to help build your foundational skills on Azure.  Updated Dec 2014

High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HADR) Deployment Architectures for Azure

f you new to Azure and kicking the tires on SQL IaaS, you’ll want to make sure you are aware of these 4 options for HADR.   Don’t forget to allocate some time to install / configure Active Directory for the high-end solutions.

SQL Server HADR technologies that are supported in Azure include:

  1. AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  2. Database Mirroring
  3. Log Shipping
  4. Backup and Restore with Azure Blob Storage Service

Full article:


Directory Services is an Excellent First Use Case for Azure

After you have done your homework and picked a cloud platform, one of the first use cases I recommend investigating for your business is Directory Services.  If you’ve been a traditional Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Customers, I recommend looking into the New Azure Active Directory service.  Extending AD into Azure opens numerous possibilities for SaaS, Mobile and LoB integration and is the foundation of a true cloud architecture.  Microsoft just released new features this week with Azure Active Directory Sync Beta 2.  Enterprise customers will appreciate the support for Selective sync, improved password reset & exchange hybrid support.

Beta 2 Features:

  • Selective synchronization which enables you to only sync attributes required for the services you want to enable.
  • AD password reset with multi-forests.
  • Exchange hybrid deployment in multi-forests environments which enables you to have mailboxes in Office 365 as well as in your on-premises exchange.

You’ll find more information on the Active Directory Blog

Azure AD