Google’s New OnHub Supports IFTTT

The latest news from Google is that their OnHub device will be able to support the popular IFTTT (If This Than That) inputs. With IFTTT, users are able to create recipes that act as rules for functions. This router is the first ever to be able to work with IFTTT. Some examples of what OnHub will be able to do with IFTTT include:

  • Locking and Unlocking Doors – You can create a recipe that locks or unlocks your doors as you come and go (if you are using smart locks).
  • Controlling Lights – If you arrive home and you have your hands full with groceries or kids or pets, don’t worry – you can set your smart lights to turn on automatically when you get home
  • Tracking Your Kids – This is not as bad as it sounds. Well, it is exactly what it sounds like, but in a good way. If you’re a parent that has an older kid that can be home alone after school, you may still want some assurance that they are safe. Well, using IFTTT you can have an alert sent to you once your kid gets home.

Source: The Latest on Google’s New OnHub | House-O-Matic

Looking to move to the cloud? Only 6 cloud providers left. AWS on top, MS nipping at heals

Looking to move to the cloud?  Only 6 cloud providers left.  AWS on top, MS nipping at heals

Today there’s only 6 cloud providers in the game.  I predict that in 3 years or less there will be only 3 players left i.e., an oligopoly.  Below is the most recent data from Synergy Group to back up my assumption.  

“Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains larger than its four main competitors combined in the cloud infrastructure service market. Microsoft can once again lay claim to having by far the highest revenue growth rate”

“…now six companies that can lay a valid claim to having annual cloud revenue run rates in excess of $5 billion – AWS, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco and salesforce”

AWS Still Bigger than its Four Main Competitors Combined Despite Surging Growth

The “Big Three” are all in on big data / predictive modeling

The “Big Three” are all in on big data / predictive modeling

Here’s a quick summary on the technology behind next big thing – machine learning

All three major public cloud providers have connected their core storage services, and one or more of their database products, to the machine learning offerings:

  • Amazon Machine Learning connects to S3, Redshift and the MySQL flavor of its Relational Database Service (RDS).
  • Google Prediction API can read data from Google Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.
  • Microsoft supports both its Table and Blob storage services as data sources, as well as SQL Database, Hive tables in Hadoop and both OData feeds and flat files pointed to by a valid Internet URL.

Full Story: Machine learning is the next frontier in Big Data innovation. And the cloud is the next frontier within that frontier. By for Big on Data