How to “crack” an iPhone in 26 minutes

How to “crack” an iPhone in 26 minutes

Justice Department cracks iPhone; withdraws legal action

The encrypted phone was protected by a passcode that included security protocols: a time delay and self-destruct feature that erased the phone’s data after 10 tries. The two features made it impossible for the government to repeatedly and continuously test passcodes in what’s known as a brute-force attack. Comey said with those features removed, the FBI could break into the phone in 26 minutes.

The official said the method used to unlock the phone appears to work on the iPhone 5C operating a version of iOS 9. In late 2014, Apple updated its operating system so the passcode is linked to the phone’s overall encryption. The Cupertino-based company said that made it impossible for it to access data on the phone.

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Apple Goes all in on Google Cloud

Apple Goes all in on Google Cloud

Bad new for Amazon Web Services, Apple agreeing to spend $400 million to $600 million at Google Cloud, according to CRN, citing sources.

Spotify is also switching its infrastructure over to Google Cloud.

Apple’s AAPL, -0.16%  move is a sign that Google GOOGL, +0.15%  is making progress in the roughly $26 billion cloud computing market, in which corporate customers rent access to tech giants’ computers to store and process data.

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Azure Storage Explorer for Mac

Azure Storage Explorer for Mac

The Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) for Windows and Mac is available today from

New features include:

  • Mac OS X and Windows versions
  • Sign in to view your Storage Accounts – use your Org Account, Microsoft Account, 2FA, etc
  • Add Storage Accounts by account name and key
  • Create, search and delete blobs, queues, or tables
  • Explore the contents of blob containers
  • View and navigate through directories
  • Drag ‘n drop files to upload or download


WordPress on Azure with ClearDB – Not ready for prime time

WordPress on Azure with ClearDB – Not ready for prime time

I’ve spend the last month or installing and running a simple WordPress site on Azure.  My goal was to get better acquainted with Azure for a simple website. What I’ve learned is that WordPress Gallery solution with ClearDB (which costs an extra $55 a month) is an incomplete solution. It only backups the MySQL database and not any of the WordPress Admin files.  So, if you make any WordPress admin changes (like changing the domain name) you are completely out of luck.  You can’t restore and you can’t access the /wp-admin/ admin page. In summary, you just lost your entire WordPress site!

So I tried creating again on Azure.  This time I created another WordPress site on Azure and tried using a WordPress plug-in called “Backupbuddy” (before creating any new content)  Backupbuddy comes highly recommended (according to bloggers on the Internet).  However, after two day of tests, I’ve given up.  “Buddy” is slow, gives false zip errors and completely fails on full backup restore.  In addition, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do a local store to a Mac.

I tried support and described my problem to iThemes (the company that sells Backupbuddy).  The support engineer replied back asking “what is Azure?” He also included troubleshooting FAQ with over 100 links.  Thanks for “help”.

In summary, I’m going back to a simple hosting site –  I’ve used that site for 4 years without any issues.

Office on iPad/iPhone devices Now Working without OneDrive

Office on iPad/iPhone devices Now Working without OneDrive
I didn't see this coming.  This is great news for iPad/iPhone users!

Native cloud storage integration in the iOS apps

Starting today, third-party cloud storage providers can natively integrate into the “Locations” picker in the iOS Office apps. This will enable users to open, edit and save documents from these providers right from within Office. While we’re announcing availability of the iPad and iPhone integration today, we’re hard at work on the same type of integration for the Office universal apps for Windows 10 and the Office for Android apps. So in the future, no matter what device, platform, or storage provider you’re using, your Office documents will only be a tap away.

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Azure and Apple xCode Dev Links

Below are my notes related to coding an Apple mobile app on the Microsoft Azure Platform

iOS tutorials, videos, and samples:
Mobile Services makes it easy to store data for your iOS app in the cloud, authenticate users, and send push notifications via APNS. Join Brent Simmons in a walkthrough of the basics.

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