Why Red Hat Chose Kubernetes for OpenShift – OpenShift Blog

Why Red Hat chose Kubernetes:

  • Kubernetes pods that allowed developers to deploy one or multiple containers as a single atomic unit.
  • Services to access a group of pods at a fixed address and integrated IP and DNS-based service discovery to link those services together.
  • Replication controllers to ensure that the desired number of pods is always running and labels to identify pods and other Kubernetes objects.
  • A powerful networking model to manage containers across multiple hosts
  • The ability to orchestrate storage, allowing you to run both stateless and stateful services in containers.
  • Simplified orchestration models that quickly allowed applications to get running without the need for complex two-tier schedulers.
  • An architecture that understood that the needs of developers and operators were different and took both of those requirements into considerations, eliminating the need to compromise both important functions.


Source: Why Red Hat Chose Kubernetes for OpenShift – OpenShift Blog