Developers have been “hammering” on Microsoft since the early 2000s when the LAMP stack took off.  One of the reasons that LAMP flourished were complaints about performance and reliability of Internet Information Server (IIS) and the lack of API documentation for Windows 2000 and 2003.  Microsoft has seen the same problem with Internet Explorer (IE) which led to Chrome, Firefox and Safari’s domination of the consumer market.  If it weren’t for business applications tied (read “handcuffed”) to IE, Microsoft’s browser market share would be similar to the Windows Phone.  On that note, in my opinion, open source for the Windows Phone is too late. It’s a moribund OS (unless Microsoft buys a product like Xamarin).

The goods news is “there’s a new sheriff in town” (I’m dating myself with a reference to character Reggie Hammond in 48 hours).  There’s some interesting new developments and an interesting quote from the Azure CTO.

“It’s definitely possible,” Russinovich says. “It’s a new Microsoft.”

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