Full disclosure: I’ve been an iPhone customer since 3.0 shipped.  I’ve upgraded my iPhone at every opportunity, I currently use the 6+.  While working at Microsoft (my previous employer), I was constantly ridiculed by my peers as being stupid or insubordinate – for using an iPhone.  For me, it was just about using better technology.  I wasn’t making a political statement.

Today Steven Tweedie wrote that Outlook is the best Email App in the SmartPhone market. That may be, if you own a Windows Phone.  However for the rest of the smartphone users (that comprises about 97% of all smartphones users), Outlook is not an option. The two most common options for iPhone are iPhone Mail and Microsoft OWA..  And to be perfectly frank, OWA on iPhone is clearly much worst the iPhone Mail.  In fact, in my opinion is not a good product. Ten to 15 years ago, I would have said “it sucks”, but I digress.  Aside from constant reliability issues (it crashes on regular basis), OWA is slow and lacks many common and intuitive features that iPhone Mail provides.

However, Microsoft was smart enough to realize the issues with OWA and wisely purchased two new products that are very good on the iPhone.  The first app is called Acompli.  It combines Mail, Calendar and popular storage platforms like OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and Box.  Acompli is a fantastic app, I highly recommend you give it a try.  The second app (acquired only a few days ago) is Sunrise.  I’ve used Sunrise user for over a year.  If not the best calendar app, it’s clearly in the top 3 on iPhone.  The combination of Acompli and Sunrise has replaced Mail and Calendar on my iPhone.  OWA was deleted the day I installed Accompli.

Next up on the list for an upgraded app on the iPhone is a great contact manage app – that integrates with other iPhone Apps.  I’m currently testing Humin and FullContact.  However the jury is still out.  Check back later for my review.

Microsoft Outlook is the best email app out right now (by @SteveTweedie)
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