Directory Services is an Excellent First Use Case for Azure

After you have done your homework and picked a cloud platform, one of the first use cases I recommend investigating for your business is Directory Services.  If you’ve been a traditional Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Customers, I recommend looking into the New Azure Active Directory service.  Extending AD into Azure opens numerous possibilities for SaaS, Mobile and LoB integration and is the foundation of a true cloud architecture.  Microsoft just released new features this week with Azure Active Directory Sync Beta 2.  Enterprise customers will appreciate the support for Selective sync, improved password reset & exchange hybrid support.

Beta 2 Features:

  • Selective synchronization which enables you to only sync attributes required for the services you want to enable.
  • AD password reset with multi-forests.
  • Exchange hybrid deployment in multi-forests environments which enables you to have mailboxes in Office 365 as well as in your on-premises exchange.

You’ll find more information on the Active Directory Blog

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