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The Future of IT is SaaS and PaaS. It's time to get started!

Why Docker is Disruptive

Docker enables the creation of application containers that are much more efficient than running separate virtual machines in a cloud computing environment. This is why application containers are called a form of “operating system virtualization” whereas virtual machines, using a hypervisor, virtualize the computing hardware (aka a server).

Microsoft Doesn’t Support Exchange on Azure

There’s a difference between technically sound and supported.  The following story from a Texas Healthcare provider illustrates the difference.  The comments in response to the story are actually more interesting than the story.

“Their (Microsoft’s) words were ‘while it is legally and technically feasible, Microsoft has chosen not to provide support for such a configuration (Exchange on Azure) at this time and has documented this.’ We backed out of an agreement on Azure, costing us $30,000 in losses, delays, and increased risks.”

Azure cloud support shock for Texas healthcare provider

Microsoft Azure


Docker, the Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing

Docker is barely a year old and every major cloud vendor (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc) is embracing.  Google is the latest to get on board.

You can think of Docker as a shipping container for things on the internet–a tool that lets online software makers neatly package their creations so they can rapidly move them from machine to machine to machine.


First look: Apple’s Swift is simple, at first

“Swift will make it much easier for programmers steeped in other languages and traditions to pick up Xcode and quickly become productive. That alone is a big step forward for Apple and one that will probably lead to even more native iOS and OS X code than ever. Swift doesn’t need to take over the world to be a gift to it.”


E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Azure (Epub, Mobi, PDF)

Cloud Computing Trends Survey 2014

Where do you stand on RightScales Survey model?

  • Cloud Watchers are developing cloud strategies and plans.
  • Cloud Beginners are working on proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects.
  • Cloud Explorers have multiple projects and applications deployed in the cloud.
  • Cloud Focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Trends: 2014 State of the Cloud Survey –


RightScale Survey by Segment

The Future of Cloud is (Not) Hybrid

The Future of Cloud is Hybrid by MIKE SCHUTZ, General Manager, Cloud Platform Marketing is Hybrid.  Given Microsoft’s advantage over Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, this is not a surprising statement.

However, In my opinion, the future of cloud is clearly not Hybrid and not IaaS.  The future of Cloud is SaaS and PaaS.  However, it’s going take another 5 years before Corporate America comes to this realization.

The Future of IT is SaaS and PaaS. It's time to get started!


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